Hello everyone, I’m starting a new section of my life and I want to engage on new projects. But before jumping into anything new, I want to review where I stand and what I can tell you about myself.

I was born in the city of Quito, in Ecuador. A city, up high in the mountains of the south American Andes. I enjoyed sun every day, but never extreme temperatures, what a nice weather it was over there. I had an incredibly resourceful dad. He always encouraged me to stop thinking about what something is and instead to focus on what can I make it do? That lead to an incredible amount of broken toys, but it was also fuel for my curiosity. I self-taught myself to program websites. Then, I was curious about the universe, and ended up studying physics in college. How wonderful were those years!

I moved to Paris, France, to continue my studies in physics. I did a masters and even a PhD on it. But more challenging than my studies was moving to another country were I knew no one. I didn’t even speak the local language back then. But this experience taught me, that I can restart my life. That I can move to unknown places and more than survive, I could even succeed in my goals. I did end very frustrated with the academic system, and decided to start again another live. I moved again this time to Munich, Germany. Because I am always happy to work with computers, I started to work as a software developer. My employer provides technical support to our own free software. Free as in Freedom respecting software.

I have other passions. I started dancing many years ago and have not stopped. There were time periods when I even did it at a competitive level. I’ll return to the competitive environment and do it again. Until then, it will be always fun to connect with new people through dance.

What comes next? Over the years I realized how important is to get your message across. I recently joined Toastmasters, a worldwide organization helping you develop public speaking skills. I also want to share more about me and share my work, knowledge and experiences, thus I join steemit. Finally, I would love jumping into the entrepreneur life and trying to make a company to change the world. You’ll read about that too.

I leave you with a picture of me, on a boat trip in the south of France. Always be willing to embark on a new travel and explore something new.