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About Me

I’m a simple but tremendously curious person. I decided to study Physics just for fun. I really enjoy discovering, knowing and understanding about the only universe I’ll ever life on. I’ve developed a great love for Solid State Physics and Statistical Mechanics. My main focus has been in phase transitions and I currently work towards understanding Metal-Insulator transitions1.

I learned programming quite early and although I like it very much, I never found it as fascinating as physics in order to study computer science. Nevertheless I never stop working with computers and I have integrated them to my research work by developing computer simulations.

I have learned all about computers online, but learning requires seeing how things are done. Free Software encompasses this philosophy very nicely, where you share your work for others to learn about it and even better build upon it. You can find about the projects I work on in my git repository 2.

On my artistic side, I do ballroom dancing during my free time. Dancing is the most amazing combination of Art and Sport I have ever practiced. It looks good from the outside an it feels good from the inside, it is giving motion to emotion. I love to travel and thus photography and video are also a hobby of mine, I really like to capture places, moments, things I have seen and then be able to share them with others.

  1. O. Nájera, M. Civelli, V. Dobrosavljević, M. Rozenberg: Resolving the VO\(_2\) controversy: Mott mechanism dominates the insulator-to-metal transition, Phys. Rev. B 95, 035113 (2017), arXiv: 1606.03157 

  2. Github Titan-C